Most frequent questions and answers

Our mission is to supply high quality medical instruments at competitive prices. To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through best management practices, customer interaction, the use of latest technology, and innovation for sustainable growth, while being socially responsible.


Our customer base is quite diverse. Geographically, we have customers in Europe, United States, China and Africa while the fastest growing base is in the Europe. Our customers include OEM, Non Profit Organizations, Agents and Distributors.


RAIZ & SAJJAD SURGICAL (PVT.) LTD; engaged in this business since 1969 and got good reputation due to excellent services and quality products up to international standards for buyers. Haji Abdul Islam is the pioneer to establish this firm and work hard the partnership between Haji M. Sarwar. RSS is successful today as the son of Haji Abdul Islam (Mr. M.S.Mughal) is working as Chief Executive of Raiz & Sajjad Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd

Absolutely Yes! Wrangler Instruments is certified by ISO 13485 & ISO 9001. Own FDA Registrations and products marked by CE as well.


Yes, we offer customizations of surgical instruments as required by the partner associations.



Yes! Infect this is one of we strength. We offer numerous services ranging from Put labels to markings, OEM solutions etc.

Depending upon the intricacy of project based on R&D, We come up with best quotations from 48 hours to 2 weeks.


The company is constantly investing to accelerate lead times. Currently, Average production lead time is 4 weeks.


Lead time for prototypes (new product) depends upon the requirements, R&D and nature of product.

We ideally are positioned for fast logistics. The shipping lead time at we depend mainly upon the quantity, appropriate courier, air cargo or sea freight chosen.

Average shipment time for air cargo is 3-5 days while sea freight mainly depends on port of shipment.

Yes, We offer the products engraved and bar-coded as per requirements.